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Science and Technology Fair

Short on ideas? Here are some useful tips...

 Check out the SCIENCEBUDDIES website and tell it your interests and how long you want to take to do your project and it will give you some great ideas!




Information on the day

  • All projects must be brought to the venue on Monday the 21st September between 1pm and 5pm (if this is an issue for you please let us know, we will try and arrange something).
  • All projects must be clearly marked with NAME and SCHOOL on the back (it will be impossible for us to register them if not).
  • Students must be present for judging on Tuesday and be supervised by a teacher or parent, we are not responsible for their safety on site.
  •  We do NOT supply extension cables or guarantee use of electricity. All projects displayed on devices need to be fully charged and have a paper backup.
  •  Students will be advised of their judging times and will need to be at their project at set times.
  • Students entering the Science Communicator category will do a 7-10 minute presentation about their project. Note that all entries must be cleared with the Chief Judge beforehand.
  • Please be aware that we aiming for this to be Zero Waste event.  You will need to take away all personal waste. 

Health and Safety

Please read the Trafalgar Center Safety Plan.(relevant sections 3.2 to 3.4 and sections 40 to 43.) A safety briefing will occur at 9am on Tuesday.


Not everyone has the same ability in presenting their work. This year we invite students to be creative and think up new ways to present their work. They will have the same amount of space per project and of course all the information needs to be easily viewed by the judges and the public, but there will be no restrictions as to the method of display. Log books will still be required. Projects may be displayed using an electronic device, however there is no power available for devices on site.


Please make sure all students using animals or human in their project have taken ethical considerations, for more information regarding this please see our Ethics page or contact us


Yes, as always we desperately need your help for the smooth running of the Nelson Science and Technology Fair. Help comes along in the form of judging, coordinating students, providing feedback for students, liaising with media on the day, and the list goes on! If you can help in some way we would love to hear from you. It's a fantastic opportunity for professional development for new teachers and for those experienced team players it is invaluable to have you on board again.

So contact us now, don't delay, pick up the phone, write an email. 

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Entries close on 28th August 2020!
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