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Science and Technology Fair


First things first: Choosing a type of project

Choosing a project can be difficult, start by thinking of a topic you are passionate about and that you think may be fun and interesting to investigate. You might also be asking yourself: What is the difference between a science and technology project? Here are the difference between the 4 different project types


Science projects seek answers to questions.  Science projects will generally run experiments to gather data to prove or disprove a hypothesis (what you think will happen). 

They require to follow scientific methods and written up using set guidelines. 


Technology projects solve problems. Technology projects are those that develop a product, device or process. The development of this product/device or process seeks to serve a purpose, a human need or problem. 

These projects involve following a set technology process and write up.


Research projects can be in about either science or technology, but where an experiment or a product is not possible or feasible. The project is discussed in depth through research and/or observations. There is no specific structure to follow and can be displayed/type of writing style can be however you like. 


These will not be eligible for the Cawthron Science and Technology prizes, but will be looked at as a category of their own. It is open to art inspired by science or technology and can be displayed using any type of media. Or it can be a product made out of any type of material. Let your creativity run wild! 


Get yourself started by downloading Scitec_Expo_Student_Teacher_Guide

It contains all the information you need from start to finish. Struggling to think of ideas for your project? Check out SCIENCEBUDDIES.ORG tell it your interests and how long you want to take to do your project and it will give you some great ideas!


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