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Turning an idea in to project

You have an idea or interest, but how do you turn that into a project? We are always asking questions but not always do we realise it, it becomes part of our subconscious. Think of your interest /Idea /question/ product and lets look at some examples that go through the scientific and technology process.  

Technology Project

Example: Camping torch for reading

Idea of a problem that needs a solution Think of your hobbies and interests, anything that would make your life easier? or more sustainable? I can never read properly when in my tent camping, i would like to design a torch that makes it easier to read in a tent.
Research Do some background research, ask a teacher or an expert Look in to the design of torches other types of night lights used for reading
Develop ideas/concepts What are the requirements? Start designing a few ideas of what it could look like and materials you could use. I need it to stand alone and not need to be hung, so that it doesn't create shadows. Packs easily. Doesn't use too many batteries
Produce a prototype or model Choose one idea to develop. Test your prototype, how well is it working? List any problems and challenges. This process maybe repeated several times My first prototype worked but it kept falling over. I need to design it so that it hangs over my book. It was too big, need it to be smaller
Produce final product Record all your improvements on your design, including how and why Final product is a small light weight lamp that clips on to a book and shines a good light on the pages. It uses LED, which uses very small amount of energy, reducing my use of batteries.
Test and Evaluate Test its use and if applicable on other people, or other peoples opinions. Is it better at solving the problem than other existing products? There are a few other product similar but mine is more efficient and with a cool design. I had a few friends try it on a camping trip and they rated it compared tousing three other torches.
Bibliography  What books and websites did you use to find out information?  
 LOG BOOK  You will always need to keep a log book. This will contain all the work you do not just what you choose to display. It is a crucial part of any science or technology project  
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