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Science and Technology Fair

Results 2016

Once again the Awards Ceremony was held at Elim Church, thanks to the team that always help us set up and make the event run so smoothly. Cawthron Institute's CEO Charles Eason presented the awards and our board members Bob Dickinson, Pam Williams, Harvey Ruru and Richard Kempthorne handed out the Cawthron sponsored prizes. Thanks to all of them and all the sponsors who took the time to come to the event and meet our budding science and technologists.

This year we had some fantastic entries! We have been very pleased to see more technology projects and of a very high standard! There have also been a large number of project with an environmental/sustainable approach. This is very encouraging to see, our future science and technologists are paving the way to a more sustainable future and have great problem solving skills!

To see the list of winners in 2016 please click here. Congratulations to all those that won and those who participated!


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