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Research Project

What is this?

Much or modern science is not readily suitable for application of the scientific method in a school setting. Some technology projects would require materials and expenses beyond the scope of the Scitec expo. This is why we have introduced this new category called " research projects". The topic is your choice, examples of suitable topic include (but not exclusive) Astronomy, nanotechnology, nuclear particle physics, evolution etc.

Students will be expected to read up extensively (how much will depend on age) on their chosen topic. Observations can be made to add to the research along with own personal opinion. There is no specific stucture of style that needs to be followed. It cab be presented as a poster or a video and they style can suit your interest too (newspaper/documentary/editorial etc).

'Astonishing EarthBags' was a great example of a research project in 2015.The full technology process was not able to be completed, but fantastic research was done on the topic and a model of the concept was made as a display.

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