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Science and Technology Fair

Past Exhibits

Have a look at what some of the past prize winning projects, but remember, originality is one of the things you will be judged on!

Primary Fair


Charlie Cuff-In hot water

Charlie is a year 4 student at Clifton Terrace school. Charlie had noticed and was concerned about how much time it takes to get hot water running out of a tap in the morning and chose to do a technology project to be able to reduce the amount of water being wasted. He made calculations around the distance the water cylinder is from the bathroom and how much water this would waste. He then came up with a plan as to how new houses should be designed to keep this to a minimum. He also contacted local councils and architects to discuss this potential. 

Kate Bryant, Henry Grab, Kaitlin Stuart-Ripen up your day

Year 6 Students from Tahunanui school carried out a scientific investigation on ripening avocados next to bananas. They had heard before that avocados ripen faster if they are sitting next to bananas due to the hormone ethylene that the bananas release, inducing the ripening process. They made sure it was a fair test by making sure all the avocados were of a similar size and weight and all the bananas came from the same bunch and were of a similar ripeness. The created a device to measure the ripeness using a newton meter.

Their results found that adding bananas only sped up the process a little bit, and were not sure if it would be significantly different. 

Jamie Foster- Trapper Tracker

Jamie Foster is a student in Nelson Intermediate he has noticed how in NZ many hours are spent checking rodent traps all over our native bush. He came up with a great technology project using Arduino programming language and  built a trap that would alert you on your mobile when an animal had set off the trap. The brook Sanctuary have been very interested. He trialed out the trap with a a toy remote controlled car, which worked well. When he went to trial it out in the Brook Sanctuary he found there would be problems getting mobile phone reception. 



Secondary Fair 

Jenna Stallard-Rosin Reverberation

Jenna is a year 9 student from Nelson College for Girls. She plays the violin and found that no one could give her the answer as to how much rosin she should use  on the bow. Jenna set out to find out how much rosin is the optimum amount of rosin is to produce the loudest sound.  She found that after the noise level increased as she added more rosin, but it plateaued off after 20 strokes. 


Emma Halsey, Laura Harding, Hazel Smith- Shaky Structures

 Emma, Laura and Hazel are year 13 students at Nelson College for girls. The produced a very high level science project. They tried to determine the effect of the height and distribution of weight of a building has on the destruction of that building during an earthquake. Their results found that the taller the building the higher the amplitude of motion. They had a fantastic model to show this perfectly.


Zak Richardson Hall- Smart Horticulture

Year 9 students from Waimea College created an electronic system that would turn on and off sprinklers depending on temperatures for vineyards. This project has great practical uses for our local vineyards who have to deal with frosts that can impact their crops. 


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