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Art can be inspired by science or technology and it also works the other way around. Scientists and technologists regularly observe nature for inspiration to solve problems. Nature is very clever and humans have observed this an copied an imitated it in all sorts of fields: medicine, engineering, architecture, aeronautics etc. This is called biomimicry.  Sometimes experiments or the inquiry of science can create the most stunningly beautiful results, which can be captured using different methods (photography, drawing, video etc). 

At the Scitec Expo we invite students to participate with art inspired by science or technology. Projects can be displayed using any type of media. Or it can be a product made out of any type of material. Let your creativity run wild! 

We will expect all entries to come with an accompanying sentence or paragraph (age dependent) about the project and its inspiration. 



 Image: Photo of Algae (Karenia sp.), Botanical art  (Pink Dahlia), Fractals in Nature (Romanesco cabbage), Motherboard art.

For more inspiration and concepts about art in science have a look at some of these links:

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