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Science and Technology Fair

News and Updates 

The 2017 fair will be held on 26th-28th September. 


This poster will be sent out to your school in Term 2, please feel free to download the pdf and print out more copies or add to your newsletter.



Important Changes

We have been re-thinking the fair and would like to make is easier for all those interested in science and technology to be involved. We understand the style of the fair doesn't encourage all types of learners and students. We have made a few changes we will hope will achieve our aim


This year we will open up new categories for students to enter along with being able to enter as an individual, a group or class.

  • Science experiments (using  scientific method)*
  • Technology Project (using technological process)*
  • Science/Tech Investigation (a more descriptive style project where an investigation or observational study is conducted-no end product or measurable response is required)
  • Art in Science-Displays of art inspired by science or technology (open to kindergarten- year 13 students)


 Not everyone has the same ability in presenting their work. This year we invite students to be creative and think up of new ways to present their work. They will have the same amount of space per project and of course all the information needs to be easily viewed by the judges and the public, but there will be no restrictions as to the method of display. Log books will still be required.


To help with all the changes a new guide has been added to our resource page, feel free to download and share with others. 


We hope to hold a bigger and more interactive fair in 2017, if you are interested in helping out in anyway please contact us.

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